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If you want to invest in property then there are several methods of cheap property investment that are low risk and can offer high rewards and here we will look at one of these methods. Let’s look at this proven method of cheap property investment in more detail

A Paradise and a Profit

Rather than buy property in North America or Europe where property is expensive and gains un certain, its time to look at booming emerging countries with a track record.

Here we are going to look at one that offers a track record of fantastic returns, low risk, cheap property and a secure investment market and its just a two hour direct flight from the USA:

The country is Costa Rica.

Consider this:

A house bought just 15 years ago near the popular resort of Jaco for $30,000 is worth in excess of $750,000 today and this has been achieved with little downside risk. Not only could you have made great capital gains, you could have made a valuable rental income, or had a holiday home to enjoy as well.

In excess of 100,000 foreign investors have bought property in Costa Rica and buying remains strong and will continue to do so.


Because, it offers beach front property at affordable prices - at up to 70% less than in Texas or Florida.

This demand looks likely to remain strong as baby boomers continue to look for holiday homes and retirement properties.

Other advantages.

Costa Rica is a safe, stable democracy, that offers the same buying rights to overseas investors as residents. Furthermore, the buying process is easy, tax efficient and property taxes are low.

As a country it’s beautiful with pristine beaches, rainforest, volcanoes and all the shopping and comforts of home and an affordable standard of living �" you can live well on $2,500 a month.

Costa Rica therefore offers an affordable slice of paradise.

Of course there are other destinations to look at but many are merging and don’t have the track record of gains Costa Rica does. As a general rule, property booms last for decades or longer and money attracts money as confidence in an investment grows and the expat population expands.

The Risk to Return is Great!

If you are looking at cheap property investment, you want a market that is growing, will continue to grow, that’s safe and stable and Costa Rica ticks all the boxes.

Discover property investment in Costa Rica and you can enjoy long term capital growth, low risk great rental income and a holiday home in paradise.

Look at the potential of Costa Rica and you may be glad you did.

Q. My husband and I are considering purchasing a house near the campus of the university our son attends. We would rent the house to college students. We have never managed property as landlords before, and we live about four hours from the university. We are wondering what special issues we should consider in this type of investment and what types of improvements might be required, such as sprinkler systems or fire escapes. The properties we are considering have rental income that should more than cover the mortgage and taxes.
A. The installation of a sprinkler system would likely be cost-prohibitive. You must pay close attention to the legal maximum number of tenants allowed, all zoning, housing, and building codes.
If your son is going to manage the property, I suggest that all of you attend a short course in residential property management. Courses like this are available at community colleges and landlord associations. Topics like tenant rights, leases, property management practices, taxation, tenant screening and maintenance practices are critical to understand. Managing a property will take time and create a good deal of headaches for your son. Is he ready for this?
Acquiring residential rental housing is complex. Knowledge of local real estate markets, financing, evaluating the physical condition of the property, building and housing codes are just a few of the critical areas. I would take time to evaluate the market and rental trends prior to buying a property. While this may prove to be a good investment and augment your son's education, renting to college students has many challenges. Have your son live in a dorm or near campus first so that he obtains an understanding of the area.
Dr. Thomas Musil is the director of the Shenehon Center for Real Estate in the Opus College of Business at the University of St. Thomas in Minneapolis. He has more than 25 years of experience in real estate as a broker, analyst, consultant and expert witness in real estate litigation and arbitration disputes. E-mail questions to: Please include your name, city and state.

by Darren Mitchell

What is self directed IRA real estate investing for the socially conscious? What it is is a way to rebuild downtrodden neighborhoods across the country and double your return on investment. By involving the cities themselves along with investors with self directed IRA's, the potential for successful urban renewal is possible. In addition, it could be highly profitable for investors. It is a win-win situation. A company is doing just this. That company is City Capital Corporation and Ephren Taylor, a very young successful entrepreneur who has been on several talk shows in the last few years, runs it. Therefore, what you have is a program that addresses urban decay, provides investors with excellent profit opportunities and provides an opportunity for less fortunate people to own a home. This program is for real and should not be overlooked by any serious investor. Like any legitimate investment opportunity, there are rules that must be followed. One important aspect of self directed IRA real estate investing is that you cannot buy the property for yourself or your family to live in. It must be purchased strictly for profit. What Ephren's company provides is a turnkey opportunity for investors, they look after all the paperwork and legal issues and you the investor just sits back and collects the profits. Ephren's company approaches the city leaders with the capital of the investors and convinces them to sell the properties at a very low cost. Then the properties are renovated. While the renovations are under way, a list of buyers is prepared. These potential buyers are good, honest hard working people who are qualified for a mortgage. In most cases, these are people looking to move from renting to home ownership and they are anxious for this new opportunity in their lives. You have probably noticed that urban areas in this country are suffering. Many city leaders have wondered what could be done to save these areas. This is where Ephren's Company comes in. It is truly remarkable what is happening in some formerly downtrodden areas. IRA real estate investing is all about providing affordable housing for working class people. A savvy investor will see the opportunity for the tremendous wealth potential. The bottom line is this is a great opportunity to realize a high return on your investment and help re-build communities across the country. Ephren Taylor's vision is something any serious investor should look at.